Holidays in the heart of Tyrol’s Crystal Region

What does the name “Crystal Region“, with Volders at its heart, mean? On the one hand, it refers to the noble Swarovski crystals and the Crystal Worlds in Wattens, which is just three kilometres to the east. The name also stems from the white gold, or salt crystals, which made the salt city of Hall rich and famous during the Middle Ages, and its 700-year-old historical town, which is just five kilometres to the west.

Regardless of what type of excursions or leisure-time activities you enjoy – there are practically endless possibilities to discover nature and culture. We have summarised the most famous and/or nearest ones for you.

Public pool 'Alpenbad'

Place: Wattens
3 minute drive

Hall’s old town

Place: Hall in Tirol
10 minute drive

Wolfsklamm (gorge)

Place: Stans
15 minute drive

The upside-down house

Place: Terfens
13 minute drive

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Place: Wattens
5 minute drive

Minter's Tower / Mint Museum

Place: Hall
10 minute drive

Pilgrimage site Georgenberg

Place: Stans / Fiecht
34 minute drive


Place: Innsbruck
25 minute drive

Public pool at Hall

Place: Hall in Tirol
12 minute drive


Place: Schwaz
20 minute drive

Castle of Tratzberg

Place: Stans / Jenbach
25 minute drive

Ambras Castle

Place: Innsbruck, Aldranser Straße
16 minute drive

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